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Kwabena Osei Appiagyei
605 Ruskin Avenue
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: 919-220-5343
email: oseiappiagyei@yahoo.com

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Osei and His Akapoma Traditional Music

Kwabena Osei Appiagyei was born and raised in a family of traditional musicians in Ghana, West Africa. Being surrounded by the rhythms and instruments used in ancestral music during his youth moved Osei to follow in his family’s footsteps. For the past 13 years, Osei has seved as a master musician and educator for the Ghana Dance Ensemble at the University of  Ghana-Legon. He has also acted as an instructor at the Institute of African Studies and as an educator of African percussive instruments at the School of Performing Arts in Legon. Besides his mastery as a musician, Osei is also a master drum maker and sells instruments as well as other items though his wholesale/retail craft shop in Ghana.

Through his work with companies in Ghana, Osei has toured all over Africa, Europe, and Asia. In 1996 he relocated to Durham, North Carolina to join Chuck Davis’ locally based African-American Dance Ensemble. While with AADE, Osei has traveld extensively thoughout the United States and parts of Africa acting in the capacity of master drummer and African culture specialist.

Osei also conducts workshops utilizing Ghanaian drums and instruments. Some of these include the Kpanlongo (from the Ga traditional area), Atumpan (talking drums from the Ashanti), Ewe drums (from the Volta region), Djembe, Dun Dun, xylophone, and bell. Osei has collaborated with various dancers and choreographers to teach traditional Ghanaian rhythms, songs, stories and movements. Moreover, Osei routinely works with other musicians to bring about community awareness and appreciation of the importance of African music, dance and culture in the United States.
Selected Performances

The Kennedy Center – Washington, DC 
Dance Africa – Chicago, Illinois
DanceAfrica International – Brooklyn, NY
The International Festival – Boulder, Colorado
Africa Fest 98, 99, 2000 – Madison, Wisconsin
King Arts Dance Workshop – Columbus, Ohio
The Cultural Arts Festival – St. Petersburg, Florida
Black Arts Dance Festival – Gainesville, Florida
Temple University – Philadelphia, PA
Collaboration with the Memphis Ballet – Memphis, Tennessee
The International Festival – Durham, NC
The Bimbe Cultural Festival - Durham, NC
Luyala, Dance Opera, Duke University - Durham, NC
The Opening of the Exploris Museum - Raleigh, NC
Project Summer Camp - Oxford, NC
Arts Dance Workshop – Westing Cullowhee University, NC
Project Rescue Summer Camp – Wilson, NC


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